The Demise of Humanity

May 25, 2008
I am walking through the hallways,
Exiting the school.
I am shoved from side to side-
I shove in return.
I do not want to be late-
Let the bus leave without me.

Outside the building
An ambulance waits.
Two paramedics carry
A child on a stretcher.
The child is an infant-
A horribly mangled infant.

The infant has three fingers
On one hand,
One leg is small and shriveled,
The face caved in and deformed.

I ask them what has happened
To this child-this infant
This horribly mangled infant.
They respond,

“This infant is no infant.
It is humanity,
What is left of it.
We, as humans, have destroyed it.
We are taking it to the hospital to dispose of it.

They leave,
And I am alone.
Buses and school forgotten,
Being shoved from side to side,
And shoving in return.

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