Hidden By My Misfit Title

May 28, 2008
Hidden by my misfot title
I am a rose in the shape of a broken smile
with 19 days of nothing but the pouncing of soles
on my already dead petals
My real name
but sadly
not one ray of Sun-
Shines through me
I try to conquer many
but I stay stuck in my prime
to unripe
I am I
and cannot be defined
I glide off tabletops
and hit rock bottom on concrete floors
no mas amor
for the sea shores
that have no rocks
to stop
the freezing waves
from crashing down
on the sand dollars that are really worth
its a proven fact
I cant be bought back
no stems ever match
but I act
as if the last
is viciously wrapped in vines that spill the lies through their thorns
born into
an un wealthy room
no moon
no stars
to shine upon me in the dark
so I embark on my journey of solitude
insides still nude
but thanks to many
I am I
and know that’s plenty

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