I am the Hero

May 24, 2008
By Justine Ray Madarang, San Francisco, CA

So many things that have made me feel guilty or negative
I am anxious because I’m scared
I shake too
And I’m being productive not destructive
They took everything away from me do you understand me?

I missed my freakin swim championships
I stayed longer than the ordered 51-50
They messed up my high 3.8 or 3.6 GPA
Now I may have my first F or D in report card
I’m so pissed
I gain freakin weight
I can barely read
I can’t concentrate I feel stupid
The pills, the pills, the pills,
Made me sedated
I missed Dragon boat and the race
I missed the Mercy and the Riordan play
The first day I had 177 messages online
And less on my cell phone
And some on yahoo
Now I am weighting for a hero
The hero is me
I am the key
It’s all on me
There is a reason for everything
Should I say or should I go
And fight this beast
Don’t freakin go home crying
You fight till the last drop
O fight you have in yourself
Push yourself to the limit
Yu can do it
Mind over matter
You have the talent and the power
Remember Dragon boat and how you pushed yourself
Your almost there
The one who wins
Is the one who wants it more
And I want it
I want it more

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