Your Own Little Doll

May 17, 2010
By MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
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'Rifle through the pages of a person, and let them reveal themselves to you'~My own

Look at me;
Straight golden-brown hair,
Sunshine injected brown eyes,
Long legs to stand tall
Delicate body, that’ll break with a fall.
But look past her exterior,
Stow away your first impressions.
This girl is much more than she seems,
Behind her face is a mind full of dreams.
She has feelings, however transparently she may mask them.
She still has a past, of good and of bad.
She is not just a doll meant to bend to your whims,
More than a mere mass of head, torso, and limbs.
No, she is special, but she hides behind her own shield.
Waiting for someone to discover her,
Take her off her shelf, and play,
Waiting for then to have her say.
Look at me;
You may think you know me,
But there is more to be seen
I am not just a toy,
I am in transition, hoping to find my own joy.

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