Past the Surface

May 17, 2010
By MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
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'Rifle through the pages of a person, and let them reveal themselves to you'~My own

If you can't see past the surface,
Past what the reflection holds,
Then you'll never see the truth,
And how secret beauty unfolds.

Looking past the mere appearance,
Right to the very core,
Past the liquid mirror's representation,
Finally seeing something you can explore

You can go through the looking glass
Through all the obstacles present
Past all the superficiality
And actually find reality quite pleasant.

To gaze beyond just looks
To see what lurks beneath
And to appreciate the personality
That's usually hidden in a sheath

To understand,
To learn, to grow
To actually comprehend
Rather than pretend to know

We must look past the expected
And see that there is more than meets the eye
For if we only stare upon the reflection
Then beauty is a bittersweet lie.

Don't be fooled by soft illusions
The cover does not show what is true
Rifle through the pages of a person
And let them reveal themselves to you.

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