May 24, 2008
Can this be real?
Can this be true?
Still now I look at you
and I think
"Now, yes now
I am home."
I am with you
this IS true

but you turn and walk on by
that is real, more real surely
than what I feel inside

or so I try and say that lie
each time more convincingly

and then finally when I think it to be true
my soul calls out to you
and each time I cry because deep down inside
I'm still expecting a reply

I follow you
shivering with cold
all the while praying
that someday soon
my heart shall stop it's longing
for your harmonizing tune

and yet as soon as that dear wish
has parted from my lips
I wish to snatch it back
and hide it far away
for fear that someday soon
I will stop loving you

for I could not stand to have that fear
be real
be true
for it to mean that we are through

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