Music Appriciation Class 1306

May 17, 2010
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The chant plays
And plays
For days
The rays
Of chant
Continue to phase

Here comes Fraga
Bout tardies
And old music parties

Here comes Fraga
Hair so raga
Voice so raspa

Back to the chant
So begins the rant
About Hector Diaz
Who he is?
I don’t know
Here no es muy frias
It’s almost noon
Quiero papas fritas

Okay let’s focus
Don’t make a peep

The nuns don’t sleep
Prayers they keep
On praying

First confession
I confess I don’t know
How I got into this mess

La Gloria
Glory to god the highest

The creed
They all are the most pious

What does this have to do with music?
Why of course
Who started it all? Why the catholic
With the cadences
And trouble with musical maintenances
The staff
Oh so symbolic
With the craft
Of notes
That float
On lines and moats

Here comes Fraga
With more problama
Concerning the computadora

Okay after the computer science majoree
Take hit and clicks a key
Were back on course

Haha jamin’ to Luis Miguel
Clapping to 1980’s pop
Listening to Fraga sing and yell
So enthusiastic
Half dancing
Half prancing
The way he teach
Trying to reach
Us each
Joking around like Chong and Cheech

Here come Fraga
He singa
He singa

Music we analyze
Test dates we compromise
Deliberate spelling errors on exams
I despise

Many days pass
Until this one in class
Today we come across
King Henry the VIII
And all the heads he tossed

Not quite sure how this is relevant
Draw a line in the sand
Fraga does command
Draw a line in the sand
Fraga does demand
Draw a line in the sand
Once again Fraga’s tongue does land

At this time Bach
Who was Lutheran
Had his heart in lock
With music

He composed music for the Anglicans
With catholic oratorio
The three churches fight
Over to whom he belongs
Who can claim these masterpiece songs?
Musicians don’t particularly care
Nor do they dare answer

Here comes Fraga
On to the Baroque Period he taga’
We here instruments now
Ooo and wow

Developed an orchestra oh so swella
Movements were called numbers
In this class the energy
Weaves in and out of slumbers
Sometimes we’re all in
Other times the lights are on
But the activity is dim

Ah classical
The last of polyphony
Relaxation from the timpani
And at last musical melody and harmony

A story about Keith
And Johnny who has aggression
Eeking out of his teeth
Intimidation from Keith
Has Johnny down beneath

After the classics
We hit romantics
Not quite what we think as a cruise across the Atlantic
But the romantic none the less
Folk songs and patriots are no longer suppress
But out of nowhere comes twentieth century
Which sounds like hounds in a penitentiary
Quickly blues, jazz, rock and roll
The ending bell is near and has a striking toll

All this and more
Entered the mind
When we came through the door
However on this last day of classes
It is time to test and see
Who fails and who passes

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