May 23, 2008
By Brittany Taylor, Arlington Heights, IL

I thought I was brave
But you were bold
Then suddenly I turned cold
His hands so rough
I couldn’t feel anything
For he was tough
He ripped off my things
To tore right through me
There were places were I’d rather be
I was scared
And he didn’t care
For he could over power my soul
Cause that’s the way things role
Rape is no joke
As I sit there now with blood and soak
Nothing more I could do
Just thinking of people forgetting, Brittany who?
I am nothing
But to him I’m something
Something to him as passion
With absolutely no fashion
I was torn
And felt like I should’ve never been born
There were tears of frustration
And no inspiration
I’m going to cry till I drop
Cause he just wont stop

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