Walking a Fine Line

May 23, 2008
By Samantha DiSalvo, Williamson, NY

I'm tired of trapped tears,
As they so desperately need release.
I'm tired of constant sorrow,
I've lost all sense of peace.
I throw my hands up to the sky,
And dig my toes into the dirt.
My mind is now on overload,
With the line of destruction I flirt.
In the next moment I'm swept to my knees,
I grab the grass for life.
Don't let the sky swallow me,
Don't take me with your knife.
I plead and plead there on the ground,
My life flashing before my eyes.
I'm not ready for eternal sunset,
I'm not ready for goodbye.
Gasping for air, trying to breathe,
It's then that I start to weep.
Tears pour like rapid waterfalls,
Unafraid to leap.

Stripped now and totally bare,
I'm taken by the dawn.
She wraps me up in golden blankets,
My emptiness is gone.
My mind is clear, my soul is free,
I've been given one more chance.
I turn my back to walk away,
But give yesterday one more glance.
I begin to wave and give farewell,
"Adios," I say.
I'm finally able to start moving on,
Tomorrows a new day.

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