Summer Calm

May 23, 2008
By Maggie Serafin, Long Grove, IL

The breeze plays against her
making her cheeks blush
contrasting against her pale skin
whipping her hair around her cheeks.
Tree branches strike against each other
creaking in the wind.
She sits,
jeans rolled up to mid-calf
as she swirls her feet
in a figure eight
sitting at the edge of the dock
she used to fish off as a little girl.
She watches the calm water
as the full moon hangs low in the sky
casting her in

She looks up at the stars
half hidden by the clouds
that still linger in the sky.
All struggle to be seen
Showing there is more out there
to be discovered.
The night air hangs around her
bringing the smell of summer love
and crushed dreams
along with humidity and just enough
heat. The sound of crickets fill her ears
as they answer each other
from all directions
it calls her slowly
unwinding the knot in her stomach
as she waits to hear his footsteps
along the old gravel road
leading to the summer homes.

She wraps her jacket tighter
around her body,
as she smells the threat
of rain in the air.
The first few drops fall,
disruption the relaxed lake surface
causing the ripples to grow.
She stays put,
not moving a muscle
staring at the wrinkled water,
her skin is struck by the tiny
as they continue to fall.
Increasing speed
as if on a mission.

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