Unanswered Questions of the Lonely Hearts

May 22, 2008
Have you ever wondered why the world could be so cruel?
Why some days everything goes wrong and the effects can last for weeks even months?
Have you ever taken a look in the mirror and wished that you were seeing someone else’s reflection?
Have you ever had something happen you just couldn’t control?
Have you ever felt like some one was moving you around like a puppet?
Playing you like a pawn in a game?
Have you ever wished for something again and again but it never seems to come true?
Have you ever wanted to hold on to something and never let it go?
Have you ever had your dreams slip through your fingers?
Have you ever wanted some one to tell you that it will all be ok?
Have you ever wanted someone to stand by your side?
Have you searched for the person that would always be by your side?
Have you found them? When is it time to stop looking?
To stop asking?
To stop hoping?
When is it time to let everything go?
When should you stop waiting for things to change?
When will you realize that they never will?
When is enough enough? When will it all be over?
When will everything you want be in front of you?
When will you know that you’re ok?
Will you ever be ok?
Will it ever end?

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