May 22, 2008
By Kathryn Wiley, Matthews, NC

I remember my grandfather,
Sitting surrounded by love.
For a day focused primarily on joy,
On which my Aunt became a Mrs.,
How could we have known?
No! It was impossible to discern,
That HE would never be this way again.
It’s a shame too.
When I was a child, I thought
That HE was the smartest man alive.
I thought that HE rivaled
Einstein, Plato, and Newton.
But then, I took the blindfold off.
For a man that I held in so much esteem,
HE gave up without a fight.
It’s funny too, because HE was careful.
HE saved canned food in case of another Depression.
Yet, HE refused to go to a doctor.
And by the time HE went, it was too late.
If HE had exposure of things to come
And the reel of time could be rewound,
I would have spent less time in tears
And continuously be in HIS warm embrace.

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