Mommy And Daddy

May 22, 2008
I hear Mom and Dad Fight

"Crash" There goes the big light

Phone Dialing,Moms Calling the cops

Cause Daddy hit her with the wooden mop

Look out my window,And see the Blue and Red lights flashing

When Dad sees the cops,He goes dashing

Moms left alone crying

Daddy Talks to the cops and hes Lieing

Next thing I know there in court

All the custody orders they have to sort

Stuck Living with my mommy

Hearing Few little updates about my uncle tommy

Staying home,Babysitting my little brother

Moms facing promblems and still being the best mother

Doing everything I can to help out

Nothing seems to work,I count

Goes threw the same thing with her boyfriend

He says"I give all the love I can send"

When he came home one night to visit for a while

Once again in the kitchen,I hear a slap with the floor tile

I hear my crying mommy yell

"Thump" Hard floor she fell

He yells at her in a deep toned voice

In the air I feel no joys.

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