I Am From

May 22, 2008
By Taylor Mitchell, Jackson, GA

I Am From

I am from landing in Normandy on D-Day in 1944.
I am from voodoo inscriptions on the door.

I am from a young father who did all he could do.
I am from a young mother who died too soon.

I am from fighting fires in Vietnam.
I am from an orphanage without a mom.

I am from a lost man trying to find himself.
I am from the Deep South, where there was once wealth.

I am from raising 12 children on the farm.
I am from rocking babies from dusk 'till dawn.

I am from hardwork and determination.
I am from artistic words of inspiration.

I am from a cowboy, strong as steel.
I am from a woman cooking every meal.

I am from where failure is not an option; perserverance is prefered.
I am from the Midwest where the pioneers were.

I am from a little bit of history here and there.
I am from a little bit of everyone everywhere.

I am from a little girl deep down inside.
I am from the heart where she will always lie.

I am from who I am.
I am from who I want to be...
I shall become because I can.

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