Without a Choice

May 22, 2008
By Haley Greig, Christiana, PA

We didn't get a signal,
a message or a sign,
they told us of a better life,
to leave the rest behind.

My head was full of confusion,
of what could be ahead,
how could something be better,
than my home and my warm bed?

We arrived at the camps,
where they stripped us of our pride,
we believed every word they said,
but all they did was lie.

They fed us a meal,
of bread and cold mush,
apparently they didn't care,
for any Jews like us.

The camp was dark,
so cold and so tense,
the view of freedom,
was just over the fence.

They worked us hard,
from dusk until dawn,
I knew that these Nazis just wanted us gone.

Taken to a chamber,
me and my fellow Jews,
they turned on the gas,
which I did not choose.

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