To Whom It May Concern

May 10, 2010
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You diseased ridden garbage bandits
Covered in thick fur with a naked tail
Creeper of the sewers and alleys
Wonderer of the night

You small beady eyed beast
You move so quickly only a good eye can see
There are no standards when it comes to your living condtions
The people in the streets shed a tear
When you are near

You diseased ridden garbage bandits
Dirty like the garbage you live in
You are so smelly I just can’t stand it
So I won’t pretend

That I enjoy the presence of this beaded eyed beast
Who taunts me with every squeal
You’re the beast I like the least
Plus you way of life is un-real

You diseased ridden garbage bandits
I rapidly move away when you come around
Looking for something to stand on to get my feet off the ground
No door can hold you and I don’t want you to stay
But I wonder if these diseased ridden garbage bandits will never die or just go away………

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