Cliques and Stereotypes

May 7, 2010
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Cliques and stereotypes can affect everyones lives whether you're in a clique or not, like cliques could put you down and talk crap about you and make fun of you. And if your in a clique they could make you self absorbed and change you into someone totally opposite than the person you were before. Or you could be the one stereotyped or you're the one stereotyping, which isn't a good thing. Cliques and stereotypes are a bad thing in life, from experience. I'm going to tell you now clique and stereotypes can effect lives, how victims are effected, what victims should do, why people are stereotyping and what parents should do.
Cliques and stereotypes can affect lives. Teens can get self absorbed like a girl who commented on a website called A girl commented after hers and you could tell she didn't like the girls attitude. Cliques can also effect girls lives badly because "already at 12 years old girls are excluding others and engaging in some very negative behavior" according to It can also effect their physical and mental health. Thats why I think people shouldn't stereotype or have cliques. People should just try and be friends with everyone and people out of your "clique" it will help make life easier for you and others.
Victims are effected even if you don't notice it. A 13 year old girl says "no one would do anything to help me. And it go so bad that I was at the part of planning my death at age 13." She was bullied and teased that she wanted to die at the age 13. This information was also from People involved in extra curricular activities will have a better chance at not getting sucked in all the clique stuff. How stereotyping effects woman is that "woman who are very good in mathematics did bad on difficult tests". They thought this might have been caused by stereotyping, according to Woman and girls are so scared of being stereotyped that they act dumb and don't participate in class as much. This is why people shouldn't worry about what stereotype they will be put into or what clique they will be put into because it effects peoples lives.
Victims of cliques or stereotypes should try and get busy with extra curricular activities and know what they know about themselves shouldn't be thought different just because someone said you were ugly or stupid or something. You should have friends who like you for you and you shouldn't have to put on an act in front of them. You also shouldn't worry about what clique or stereotype you need to fit into. I think you should hang out with the people you really look up to or is a good role model, like someone who doesn't pressure to do things you don't want to or someone who doesn't use you for money or to get rides to places they want to go. I think you should also hang out with people outside of you "clique" even if they don't like it, you should hang out with people who want to hang out with you or with people you want to hang out with. Girls who worry about the clique they are in can end up depressed and end up going with the wrong crowd and they could turn on you.
I think why people are stereotyping is because they don't want to be the one stereotyped and because they don't know they are doing it they just assume thats how the person is. I also think they want to be mean to others to fit in and make their friends laugh, which isn't a good thing. I don't think its a good thing because I have done it before and my sister said it was mean and I felt bad afterwards. Thats why you shouldn't assume things right away just by someones looks, I've learned from experience.
And parents, you should try and get into your teens lives more and build their self esteem. I think parents should also try and get their teens to talk about there life and whats bugging them and to not tell them to suck it up or forget it, I personally hate when parents say that to me. Parents need to try to get into their teens lives before its too late, and helping them could help them later on.
Cliques and stereotypes may seem like a good way to live life but in reality it could really mess up yours or someone else's....But just think to yourself, do you really like them and are you changing yourself for them? No one should ever judge someone on their looks, I don't know how I can stress that enough. Cliques and stereotypes aren't all what its cracked up to be, it can really effect yours or someone else's life. I hope you will think twice before you want to be in a clique or if that person is really who you judged them for. You shouldn't judge someone before you get to know them, but after you get to know them well.

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