lets make more memories

April 24, 2010
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remember when we first met we were so shy
we couldn't even come around to say hi
how we became the bestest friends
promsing eachother it would never end
think about the times we laughed so hard we could hardly breathe
how before summer started our teachers would nag us to read
how we would pound on eachother for the stupiest reasons
like how weather change every seasons
how we would make up right afterwards
people thought we were just backwards
remember how we both cried when i found out that i was leavin
how we promised to call eachother before we hit the sack
or how happy we got when i came back
rememberd when i came back we made so many plans
like how we would play somthing stupid like kick the can
or when we would sneak out window and drive around town
making eachother laugh actin lik clowns
funny how time goes by so fast
so lets make more memories that last.!

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