The four birds

May 6, 2010
By poptartsxD BRONZE, London, Other
poptartsxD BRONZE, London, Other
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The four birds

Inside the tall dark forest lays many birds singing their song, each is unique and trifle, with a different story to tell
There in the branch on a misty dark tree was a Love bird singing with glee, its voice travelled a soft sweet hymn carried by the whooshes of wind,
And Up above soaring high in the sky, lay the raven black as midnight,
With a trifle cry the raven angled its wing up high in the navy blue sky

Down below the raven, the wise old owl sat in a knothole looking for mice down below; its beady eyes scanned the dark forest floor ready to spring for its supper
Up above in the glow of the moonlight, where you heard a sweet humming sound, laid a humming bird, there the bird watched the silent forest contently on a cold spring night.
Down below a little girl walked, she was lost undo to herself, there she heard the melody of the sweet love birds song and followed the voice,
She said “why I am lost”
And the lovebird replied “you must look for love”
Unsatisfied the little girl walked, and followed the raven shadow soaring above

She said “why I am lost”
And the raven replied “you must find an adventure”
Unsatisfied the little girl walked, and came upon an owls eyes
She said “why I am lost”
And the owl replied “you must look for your prey”
Unsatisfied the little girl walked and heard a strange humming sound; there she came upon a hummingbird
She said “why I am lost”
And the hummingbird replied “to find yourself, you must first find what lies in your heart”
With a jostled start the little girl woke up, and found she is not lost and in the comfort of her mother’s tender arms.
Then She than sang a mournful song and here is how it went
“In the dark forest at night, the lovebird sings of love, the raven black as midnight looks for adventure in the sky above, the wise old owl plays a foul game with the mice on the forest floor, than up above in the moonlight lays the hummingbird and its humming song, it’s the tiniest bird but the one with the greatest heart. In the forest lays four birds all so different but yet so much the same. That is our world, we are all the same but made unique in a different way. Like the hummingbird says to find yourself first you must look what lies in your heart”

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem and its suppose to represent equality and sybolism.

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