Kill To Be Me?

October 18, 2007
By gabby grano, Old Bethpage, NY

Violent red surrounding this blade
All thoughts and consciousness begin to fade
How did I get here? Who’s that on the floor?
Everything stops and I’m gasping for more,
More air, more air, cleansing my mind
I’ll look towards the floor just one more time
To assure myself that I’m not alone
Cause someone’s lying there dead as a stone
All that I see is the back of a head
Do I really need to know if this person is dead?
Inching forwards towards towards the face
Catching my mind beginning to race
Mom? Dad? Oh please, dear god, no
Why do my emotions always have to show?!
I’m finally there looking right at the person
All I can say is my emotions just worsen
The person I’m looking at, that person is me!
And just like that I’m sucked back into reality
Back in my bed I wake up crying
That was the first realization of my dignity dying

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