Light Again

October 17, 2007
By Megan Shippee, Oshkosh, WI

I've grown tired of this falling,
Falling down this abyss,
though my heart fells light,
the end is out of sight.

But wait!
I think I see it now,
That light down below me,
The end of this hell,
And I wake up.

My heart felt light,
Your feelings have been mended,
And I'm very sorry,
That I ever pretended.

Pretended to be everyone but me,
Everything but true,
All the shades but light,
All the colors,
Without being myself.

I never thought,
Not even once,
That I'd be free of this prison,
That I'd ever see the light.

I thank you now,
for helping me to find the light,
to find the truth,
to find my way back to you.

The irony is,
After all my falling,
that now you're the one,
Falling in the abyss.

So now,
I wish you luck,
I hope that you may get out safely;
I hope that you find the light.

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