The Dark Sky

October 17, 2007
You and Me
In our long ruffled skirts
And our glamorous hats
Dancing to our music
The songs they don’t play on the radio
Giggling and singing
Off-key, of course
Then around the campfire
We watch bright fire burn the dead branches
Against a foggy black sky
Dark and empty
And I laugh at all your jokes
But I miss the days
When I laughed because they were funny
Not because I had to
And while we skip barefoot
Through the unknown darkness
I try to get lost in the music
But the notes don’t feel right
And I miss the days
When friendship was a two for one deal
And we stare up at the star-less sky
Lying flat against the cold ground
And you say to my shadow
“On a night like this, you can almost see the planets”
And I miss the days
When just the mystery of the dark sky
Was enough

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