October 16, 2007
Lead me there,
Show me the way
Take my hand and love me

I'm frozen
In this wooden tomb,
Trapped inside
A deadly womb.

The brave smile
On my face
Is nothing but paint.
My glazed-over eyes
Are two martyred saints.

Oh, they beg.
They beg and plead.
With your warm love
To my cold body feed.

I'm stuck in this shape
Frozen into place,
Such that a look charged with hatred
Is but a blank gaze.

Dancing lightly
On the fingertips of another,
One who enjoys
Seeing my aimless hover.

Every move dictated
By the pull of a string.
Though I don't show it,
Each command whips
With a sting.

No more.

So lead me there,
Show me the way.
Take my hand
And love me today.

My splintered heart
Cries out in woe.

I'm sick of being Pinocchio.

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