Never Get Out

October 16, 2007
The first time it happens:
Because if you stay,
You will never get out.

He will always be there…
What did you do?
What can you say?
Or what
will you find
When you go home tonight?
god, Or Satan?
The fire in his eyes-
Bright Burning rage,
Gives you your answer.
At that moment, you know
That you will never get out.

If you run,
He will hunt you.
You are the Rabbit
He has the Gun.
You get away,
For now.
Enjoy your sweet Freedom while
It’s here,
Because it won’t last:
He will find you.
He always does.
You will never get out.

I love you, he says
His words would melt butter.
They are too powerful to resist,
And you fall into his arms.
After all,
You can’t hate someone
Who loves you so much.
And now,
You don’t want out.

He will love you
And protect you.
You are safe with him,
But not from him.
Because when nobody is around,
The monster will come back.
And when you look down,
And see the blood
Soaking through your shirt,
And the next morning,
When you try to cover the bruises,
You wish you had gotten out.

It’s too late now
You can’t leave,
He’s got you trapped.
You have nowhere to go.
Too scared to run,
Now you realize:
There is only one way out.

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