There was a boy

October 16, 2007
By DeVario Clinkscales, Mauldin, SC

There was a boy
Who was waiting for his dad to come home from war
He waited to his mom "I want dad to come I can't take this anymore!"
She said that he should be home tomorrow
The boy's face lit up with joy and stayed up all night
Little did he know his tomorrow would be filled with sorrow
And a lot of fright
The next day came
He was up bright and early
He thought that his whole day would change
His mom saw his eyes they were pearly
It was time for her to head out
The boy was so excited he wanted to scream and shout
When his mom came back with a sad look in her eyes
The boy ran to her for his surprise
"Where's daddy at?"
"Didn't you get him from the airport off his flight from Iraq?"
"I'm sorry son he isn't coming back"
His mother will never forget the look in his eyes
The boy held to his mom and started to cry
He asked "Why couldn't he stay? Why did he have to go?"
His mother replied "Honestly,I just don't know"
The son wouldn't stop crying
His mom told him to go outside
He said that he felt like dying
His mom said "Let's go for a ride"
When they got back from the side
It was dark outside
Still devastated that his dad died
The boy missed his dad so much he went up stairs and cried
And cried and cried
Until the day he died
Wishing his dad was by his side
Wishing his life could be better
By his death bed he wrote this letter
"A boy's wish my never come true
You can't keep crying like I do
I wish my dad was here
I'm writing this to advise you
You only have one life so live it like you want to
Here I am
A little old man
Just waiting to be united with my dad and the rest of my family
Maybe you'll feel my spirit come through
But these are my final word so with this I leave you."

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