Invincable Me

October 16, 2007
By Kaitlyn reynolds, Mauldin, SC

I'll be happy knowing he's without her.
Knowing he feels how I felt.
Even though Karma comes back around.
I'll be sure I'll pass it by.

I'm the type of person who lets fear drive.
Catch it when it falls.
Cry out in love and lust.
Cry out so hard I make the skys cry.

I wish, I wish, and I wish I could make you happy.
I guess she couldn't do it either.
Shes crying knowing all along.

Me Me Me.
Me who you want'd.
Who you fought against.
Who you striked and left to feel the pain you installed.

Feeling what you inflicted is assuring I'll get passed your thoughts.
I'm not dieing, I'm getting better.
Baby your not all I had left.
Remember I got me!

Abstinence is my way of forgetting you.
Giving up on you!
Disliking you.
Hate is too strong to shove in your face.

You gave me time.
You gave me hope.
Wasted 3 months, I should have known.
You thought you were invincable.

But, you were wrong, I was invincable.
Invincable to your binding stares and lies.
Yourself means you and all your opinions that go with it.
There is no grown man or grown woman ONLY a grown person.

Emotions filled this chilly crashing room.
Your speechless and I've spoken.
Grow up. Get out. Live Down.
View what is viewable and shut your mouth.

Live your life. Waste it away.
Cry your crys. Shut the door of insanity.
You'll never come out alive.
She knows it now and most of all...

I know it too.
Oh and "Don't forget to love yourself."

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