May 1, 2010
I miss your lips pressed against mine,
The taste of your mouth, like sweet wine,
Our hands intertwining,
Our love forever binding,
No one is home,
We are alone,
You kiss me so sweetly,
I melt in your arms,
Always i fall,
Prey to your charms,
To the soft blankets below,
We tumble together,
And we both know,
our love is forever,
We could leave eachother, never,
Your hands slide down to my hips,
And you sweetly taste my lips,
Your body pressed tight to mine,
I have never had a feeling so fine,
You slide your hand up into my shirt,
To you this is an easy flirt,
It ignites fires within my soul,
Your soft words and caresses,
My burning coal,
You play my skin to a hardened peak,
And ever so slightly, a kiss you sneak,
Your mouth on my breast,
The fires will not rest,
Your tongue teasing over my skin,
To my fires, I give in,
You slide off my clothes,
God alone knows,
You explore every inch of me,
You touch me so tenderly,
You part my thighs with your knee,
I think of all that we could be,
You whisper in my ear that it will be okay,
You position yourself,
And there i stay,
Your clothes are gone,
You move on,
There we lay in eachothers arms,
Protecting eachother from all that harms,
You are on top of me,
Your hand between my legs,
You feel my hot sweet honey,
A silent plea my voice begs,
The fires within me threaten to consume,
As your seductive act, you resume,
My legs parted,
You astride,
You slowly slip,
All of you inside,
I feel your throbbing heat,
Inside my silken sheath,
And my neck,
Grazed my your teeth,
You move slowly at first,
Then fasteer to quench my thirst,
A shattering release in a cloud of bliss,
All our love we seal with a kiss,
Now we lay,
Side by side,
my usualy shy face,
i do not hide,
Your arms wrapped around me,
We fall asleep soundly,
We wake in the morning light,
My heart flutters at your sight,
You kiss me softly,
My fires start burning,
And now and forever,
The fires in both our hearts will burn.

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