May 4, 2010
By cookygirl888 SILVER, Glenwood Landing, New York
cookygirl888 SILVER, Glenwood Landing, New York
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Why do you act like that?
Make everyone think you are weird
What makes you do that?
Is it your motivation to be unique?
Why do you walk pigeon-toed down the hallway?
With weird objects on your head?
Why do you dress like that?
With rain boots when it is sunny out
Why do you hang with such freaks?
Why don’t you change?
If you hear the comments people have
Do you not care?
Why do you sit there
And slouch?
Why do you annoy your teachers?
And make a fool of yourself?
Why is your hair so greasy?
What makes it that way?
Why do you isolate yourself?
Why are you so not normal?
I understand you are trying to be unique
In a way no one else would ever think to be
Being the way you are isn’t quite
Working out

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