The Life Of Me

October 15, 2007
Saturday at a friends house

Messed up

Police come

Don't tell them nothing

Friends do

Put me in handcuffs

Friends betrayed

In a cop car


Wondering what's going to happen

What will I do

Thing found

Things blamed

Them things are messed up

Sunday at my house

Going to church

Weird we never do

Nothing for a while

Come home with mom, go to my room

Write about life

Mom’s boyfriend comes in screaming,

“You broke us up you dumb f**k”

Walk out with a knife in my hand

If he touches her he’s going down


He leaves, moms happy

Monday at a private school

I’m switching schools

Sux big time

I don’t know why but I'm not worried


Probably going to go

Have to do a test and interview

Don’t know what will happen next

Whatever it is it will be better than this Hell
Have fun out there while you can teens of the world. KATG.COM

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