As the crescendo of your screams

October 15, 2007
By Briana Cantrell, Akron, OH

As the crescendo of your screams
Breaks the wall of silence
How in gods name did we
Resort to such violence
Blood just like water
Flowing so freely
No need to bother
You’ve already killed me
My eyes see red
And grow heavy to hold
I’m already dead
And it’s getting so cold
Numb and lifeless upon the floor
Lost in the haze
Don’t bother, I told you before
Yet you’re lost in a craze
You push upon pain
Everything is leaving me
Slowly, as I suffocate
On this constant ecstasy
Dissolving away
Why, how did this happen
Was it you or was it me
To make you start stabbing
Plunging into my head
I told you don’t bother…
I’m already dead.

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