Felt left out

October 15, 2007
I'm a sad girl with no one to love
I wonder, will anyone out there in world that would help me or anyone that would take me home
I wanted, to anyone to take care of me and loved me too
I cried when there is no one would talk with me because i do something wrong
I always think why not a lovely person take me home safe
I scream to jesus to pray to be adopted and answered my prayer
I always thinking that i'm always left out all of the time
I'm a sad girl with no one to love

I understand that you can't always get EVERYTHING that you WANTED
I pretend that everythying never happen and im happy but inside my heart still sad and really hurts
I see a family play with their kids and having a WONDERFUL time
I felt im left out
I(prented to hear) that a family's laugh and having a lot of loves
I love to think how great a faimly could be
I hate to be alone and felt left out
I'm a sad girl with no one to love

I know that their is someone out there that who do care about me
I heard that someone out there that who is really love me like a daugther
I say i wanted to be adopt by a family that is really great and DO care about me, not for MONEY!
I always hoping that I will adopted before my SWEET 16!
I got all of my wish
Im getting a lot of better when Im in medial foster care.
I already cahnge happy instead sad girl with some of wonderful LOVES!

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