Love's Simplicity

May 1, 2010
Just one quick look,
And I knew it was you.
That was all it took,
These feelings are true.
I wish that night,
Could have lasted forever.
In that moment, feeling right,
Foreheads pressed together.
You have the ability to make me feel,
As no one else has.
This is so surreal,
I have faith that this will last.
Your imperfections amaze me,
You are unlike most I know.
I am hoping you have the courage to see,
That this love has room to grow.
One simple touch,
Sent me head over heels.
This is just too much,
Unexplainable, is how this feels.
I dream, one day,
That we will watch the rain fall,
And talk about the simple things,
That aren't so simple after all.

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