October 14, 2007
By Ashton Williams, East Orange, NJ

Here they lay you down to sleep,
Pray tell the world, a soul to reap.
And if I fail before I take,
Pray tell the Lord, will come and claim.
And when I walk upon the graves,
Of those I've loved and of those I've slain.
I pray the unforgiving dead,
To construct a coffin as my bed.
To douse the sun in endless night,
And weep upon my endless fright.
So when I chant this lullaby,
Blood will rain from the sky.
So when I chant this lullaby,
Those who are fit, shall surely die.
Here the grim appear to reap,
The soul its body lusts to eat.
And if he should ever fail,
His being shall fall to the depths of hell.

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