Almost there

April 30, 2010
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Early in the morning up and out of bed
All that snow, piled high, almost over my head.
Excited for what will happen, what the day will bring
But the snowplow, where is that stupid thing?
I can’t wait to get out, up in that ocean.
White, fluffy, cristaline and frozen.
I’ll wear extra layers to keep myself warm.
I’ll cover my face against this vicious storm.
With my help we clear out the driveway.
Now we get in the car and make our way to the highway.
The day will be great, one I won’t forget.
but if I don’t get out soon, well, that will be something I’ll regret.
Almost at the hill but we aren’t the only ones.
Everyone knows that missing today would be missing snow by the tons.
We reach the resort and grab our skis.
Outside I feel the air and know I might freeze.
We reach the lift and have to wait in a long line.
Guessing how long it will take I see why some people would whine.
The lift opens and I quickly pull out my pass.
Once it’s scanned I ask about the forecast.
She says it will be cloudy with a chance of more snow.
I’m psyched and up the chairlift I go.
At the top I and already have a route.
I head for that run and dive in without a doubt.
I fly over the knoll and am about to get first tracks.
But something is wrong and it isn’t my ski wax.
I look right but it’s already to late.
A crack in the snow.

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