To Those Who Came Before

October 10, 2007
By Darcy Russel, Prarie Village, KS

To you who have lived before me,
To those who are in my past,
Damn you and thank you!
May you rot in hell for your charities,
And exult in paradise for your sins.
How dare you try to save the world!
Thank you for condemning it.
Did you really believe you could make a difference?
Congratulations for conforming!
Breaking from the mold wasn’t your job,
Following your leaders like sheep was your pride.
You couldn’t help anyone, why did you even try?
You hurt so many, just because it was ‘right’.
Silly little girl, silly little boy, so damn naïve…
You ended up breaking all your pretty toys.
\Who of you strove to help, to love?
Who of you merely to survive, maybe to hate?
I can’t tell who did good,
Or who did bad.
There doesn’t seem to be any sides,
No black or white,
Just infinite shades of grey,
And no remarkable change.
So, to those in my past,
I have to ask:
What did you ever do to deserve to live?

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