Walking With Skeletons

April 15, 2010
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Walking With Skeletons

I did something I regret
Never told anybody, got scared
But each day I go to school I see skeletons sitting behind me
Their aura scratching at my neck
I started to wear sweater vests
Now the wind is flying threw my hair and it’s getting strangely dark
Walking, I feel them trail behind one behind another
Its making me go insane
I can hear a bones cracking behind me as he takes each step, lurking
His whisper just touching the tip of ears as I continue to ignore hoping no one would notice the bones behind me
The tension is building; I still can’t tell anyone the memories are lurking in the back of my head waiting for me to at least think
When I sleep I feel them hugging me trying to comfort me, like what I did was ok
I thought when people say your past will catch up with you I thought they were kidding
Looks like they were right
Smoke clogs my throat as I feel the words coming
Just say something ……… Anything
I helped a man escape and he ended up dead
He escaped from his madness that overcame him
The pressure point at the back of his skull
It’s my entire fault he is dead at
After all he was a crazy man
He was my father
Dead was on my tongue as the taste of mold and decomposing slid down my throat

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