Scared from the start

April 14, 2010
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Since you've been gone i've been lost,
I miss you to much, when you love, you lose, thats the cost,
I remember every kiss, every word, i hold you in,
When i exhale i lose you, what used to be, then my world begins to spin,
I can't stop thinking of you and all of your lies,
Because mainly i loved you and now nothing shines,
The stars are dull and the moon is black,
The midnights here forever and i'm lonely so i play your voice like a track,
Oh how i miss your eyes when they looked into mine,
I wasn't warned that my heart would break, there was never any sign's,
You weren't like anyone else, you were my bestfriend, my only chance,
I have every heartbeat from your heart, every look from your eyes, every glance,
If everything could ever be that way forever, if anything could ever be that good again,
I'd do anything, I'd never push you away, i'd stay forever, i'd start over, begin,
Slow play backs from the past,
Everything happened so extreme, so fast,
How could i push you away when you needed me the most,
I took every spoon full of you, i took every dose,
Why didn't i get better, why didn't i ever stay up,
Instead i fell to the floor, lost all of my blood, died, with all of you spilled out of my cup,
I wonder how everything happened, why i burned everything to the ground,
I should've kept you close, kept you standing up like a mound,
Are you gone forever, or are you just lost on the bridge to my heart,
Because i've been waiting for you to come back to love me again like you did from the start,
I've been waiting for you Everlong, Waiting for the time of day to see your face,
Come to my wonderland, waste away with me, stay in this one spot forever, space,
The only thing i'll ever ask of you is to waste away with me,
So you'll be safe not lost away at sea,
I pushed you away from me like a wave flowing over the ocean,
You were the only thing keeping me alive, you were my only potion,
I wonder if you think of me, i wonder if the memory of me is lost,
But even if i am, at least i got the chance to love this much, got to feel the cost,
If you love, the ending isn't always so well,
I made the mistake to break a heart, the mistake to lose my heart, the mistake to sell,
Sold my heart, all gone, nothing there,
I was always from the begining scared.

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