Illusiions of Love

April 14, 2010
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Hello, i've been waiting for you, Everlong,
Kept out of my mind to stay life strong,
I get taken away by the people who controll my mind,
Then they take me out of control to set my mind on you while i'm out of line,
Their gonna lay me down on a cold ice ground,
Their gonna force you back into my head like your a mound,
Not dead but heartbroken i am,
You left me crying in the rain without a paddle, outswam,
Their gonna keep you there hostage and kept safe not hurt,
I don't know how you became worth their effort,
I don't want you there, i really really don't,
But they keep you there when i won't,
I struggle to leave from the insanity they stangle me in,
Then somehow see myself out of my own skin,
Lost and confused so i throw myself into,
If only things could be that good again i'd see straight through you,
Breathe out, so i can breathe you completely in,
Dizzy, you make me turn into a backspin,
Sleep, because i pass out from you in my thoughts,
Left in deep dark nightspots,
I wake up every morning to find you in my head,
I fight to remove you but never get a chance,
So i keep you there like a hostage,
Keep you there to remember every detail of your heartbeat,
Like a song i replay with your voice so handsome so deep,
I draw a line from your head to your toes,
Forbidden secrets that noone knows,
Feeling like your miles away like an island to a country,
Then you fade away like a lost call so gone, so far away, so blurry,
Then i get heartbroken without a heartbeat,
I fall to the floor and no heartbeat because its a deadbeat,
You were perfect always and will be forever,
I will be left insane but somehow better,
Lost without you like a confusing maze,
But i'll stand still and think untill i'm out of my long zoned out gaze,
Floating from body to yours i shall lay on the cold ground,
The coldness and stillness of them all,
You break my heart everytime to tell them you'll back off,
But even though we've hurt eachother like in a war with hurtfull words,
I will love you and still move forwards,
You changed my life because i couldn't,
And i thank you for what i could not and wouldn't,
The last goodbye was always the hardest,
I, left with unspoken words and blinded,
Because when i knew you were gone i thought if i would ever cross your mind,
For the very last forever last time.

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