Three little words I Love You

October 10, 2007
Three little words I Love You,
repeated everyday.
What do those words mean to me?
What would I have them say?
To understand the whole,
you must know every part.
Each word has a special meaning,
when looked at with the heart.

The "I" means every bit of me,
all that you can find;
The outer me,the inner me,
my soul, my heart, my mind.
The caring me,
the sharing me,
The me that holds your hand.
The me you like,
the me you don't.
Do you understand?
The happy me,
the laughing me,
the me that wants to cry.
All the things that make up me,
make that single "I".

The "You" means every bit of you,
all that I can find;
The outer you, the inner you, your heart soul and mind.
The shy you, the gentle you
the you I want to touch.
The special you, the hidden you
the you i need so much.
The worried you the sad you
the sweet you, and the glad you.
All the things that make up you
make that simple "You".

The "Love" is most important,
for without it we can't live.
It means to share it means to care
it means to take and give.
It means to laugh it means to cry
it means to hug and kiss.
It means to hold it means to let go
and so much more then this.
It means to be together it means to have some fun.
It means to help each other it means to be as one.

So no matter how it sounds,
or wherever we may be.
When I say " I Love You "
it means all this to me.

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