The Scream

October 11, 2007
By Briauna Taylor, SLC, UT

I am the one locked inside this blur of swirling colors

I long for anything but this unmistakable loneliness that I feel
It’s horrible enough to make you scream.

I feel lost amongst this sound, the sound that I can only hear.
It rings past me so far into the air that nothing I try will ever drown it out.
I yell at the top of my lungs, pleading for a sound of anything but mine.
I yell out, but no one can hear me! Is anyone going to listen!?
This orange sky blankets me like a memory.
Memories of times when I could run and walk make it up alone.
When my voice was able to be heard.

Is this a dream? Or am I really trapped inside my own scream.

When I hold my hands above my eyes in fear of someone striking me I remember that I am the only one here, the figures are so far off that I can not make them out.

But in fear I stay standing still, not moving hoping that they won’t find me.
Hoping that my scream really only reaches my ears.

I fall alone, just as I stand.
I deport myself from the color, and the blank gray.
This is a dream…..
I really was trapped in my own screams.

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