and I am not who I was

October 11, 2007
and I am not who I was,
a little girl,
learning how to read
wearing dresses every day
swinging relentlessly on the tire swing
eager to play
even more eager to learn
and I am not who I was.

a young student
at a new school
academics are so easy
finding friends is harder
and I am not who I was.

a preteen
with glasses and skorts
a hand always ready to shoot up in the air
good grades
friends just like her
and I am not who I was.

a teenager
trying personalities
always wanting to be somebody else
a diverse group of friends
putting on many different faces
for each and every one
no place to fit in
and I am not who I was.

an individual
trying to be myself
to choose the personality most like the real me
always ready for something new
open to change.

That is who I am struggling to be.

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