Hateful Words Hurt The Most

April 21, 2010
What do I do in a world full of hate?
Do I stand there and let their words penetrate?
Should I stand up to the bullies who never back down?
Or should I forget about how they throw me around?
Do they know how their hateful words hurt the most?
Do they know that they’ll be the reasons for the rope at my throat?
Call me melodramatic, Call me insecure.
Maybe it’s true, but what’s it to you.
Why should you care how I act?
Why do I care about what you do?
What is this world coming to?
When hateful words hurt the most
I might as well be a sullen ghost.
I can’t speak up and I can’t fight back,
So I’m left here
Waiting for the attack.
I wait for the day when they’ll all pay
For everything that they’ve done,
But will they realize that what hurt the most
Is the hateful words they proudly boast.
The hateful words… hurt the most.

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