This Boy

April 21, 2010
Oh the way that boy smiles.
He puts everyone else to shame,
and when I get the butterflies
he's the one to blame.
He's not the smartest, not the cutest,
but he's the one to beat
because when it comes to him
I think he's pretty neat.
That boy stole my heart with his eyes;
He held it with his hands,
and now he keeps it in his chest
all because he thinks I'm the best.
He's perfectly imperfect.
He's sanely insane.
Oh the sparkle in his eye
It's more magical then rain.
This boy, this boy
Oh what to do?
Put my heart on the line?
Hold his hand through and through?
That's what I must do
for this boy of mine
because this boy and his smile
get me every time.

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