Thanks For Cheating

April 21, 2010
You plus me doesn’t equal three
So why did you go and cheat on me?
We were happy, we were free,
Didn’t I give you what you need?
I guess I wasn’t what you wanted,
You went out and you hunted,
Hunted for girls, hunted for more.
Who should I blame this on: you or her?
Oh God, I don’t know what to do.
When I knew the better half of me was you.
I’m missing the best, the best part of us.
But she got in the way, you got caught up in lust.
So I guess your genius plan was a bust.
Because there was no way of separating us.
I knew her, she knew me,
I wasn’t the one who made the scene.
I guess in a way I get the better part.
I walk away free with a weightless heart.
So you can just go die
Because here I lie, without you
And now I’m happy
Through and through.
Apparently you need her, but I don’t need you.
Good luck with your life and your new boo.
Maybe I could cry, maybe I could sue
I just know better now, because of you.
You had me believing that we would be together forever
So thank you for cheating and proving me wrong.
And now I’m finished with this terrific song.
If it weren’t for you it wouldn’t be so long.
So thank you and goodbye,
‘Cause I’ve got no more tears to cry.

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