April 21, 2010
Does anyone know of the pain you have locked inside?
Does anyone know of the suffering you choose to hide?
Let it all out and let it all go.
Relieve yourself of this hell.
It's hard, it's tough, it pretty much sucks,
but on one should die alone.
Release this pain, release this anger.
Don't wait any longer.
It's time to let go.
Give me your pain,
and relax in the snow.
It's your time now, mine has gone.
Live freely for me, so I may carry on.
Give me your pain and I will take it with me.
Quickly now, before I must go.
The snow is coming, my time is ending,
but before I go I want you to know...
That I will take your anger and pain,
Take it all, take it all away.
You will suffer no more.
You are free, you are free.
Go live life as if you were me.
Your pain has left you and come to me,
now together as one, we shall leave.
Say goodbye and go to sleep.
Don't waste anytime on a weep.
Rest now my love, and have sweet dreams.
The pain is gone forever.
It's all over.
Farewell, farewell.

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