My Message To The Goverment

October 12, 2007
By Jerail Fennell, Palm Coast, FL

Ok well from the title
You can kind of figure
Out what thi poes is about.
So let me send a "shout out"
To Mr.George Bush.
Well Mr.Presidnt, what can I say
About You. You Have us
All in War, and noone,
Not even you knows what
The war is for. And what
About the people theat were
In New Orleans drowing?
But we know you didn't care because
We saw you on T.V dancing around and
Clowning. What about weapons
Of mass descrusction do You
Remember that? We went and attacked
And didn't find anything not
Even a water gun in Iraq.
You've been in office two years
Running, and if you look back
To see what you've acomplished
You'll find nothing.
Now I heard a rumor, and it must be true
But your brother (our ex-governer)
Said he'll make a better presidnt than you!

This was my message to the goverment,
And my message to the people
Of the U.S is,
"You Have The Right To Vote
So Vote For What's Best."

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