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April 21, 2010
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I believe in personality
My own personality
And that i must always be a leader
I believe in individuality & total character
I believe in selfness as in my own self
I believe in singularity or unusual behaivor
Because everyone is unique in there own special way
I know that somethimes people try to be something there not
I dont believe in that
I dont have many different sides
With every step i take i leave a piece of my personality behind
I am about being different
Like knowing thats your qualities make you different
Like finding a rd marble in a bag of colorful marbles
And not finding anything else like it
Its about being you
Like knowing who you are inside
Its about being different
Its your general attitude
Its your general mood
Its my personality
I am also about being myself
We are all considered differet influenses
Im nothing but a mystery
Live life as you've always wanted to

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