The young havin sex

April 21, 2010
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Do you think at the age of 16 is too young to have sex? Do you think it’s a good idea for the parent to be okay with the fact that there child is having sex at the age of 16. One of my friends told me that having a child who is 16 is better than having a child at the age of 10 having sex. Either way I think it’s wrong and there still too young. Most of the people in my group discussions were not okay with the fact of kids having sex at the age of 16 but they said that now and day’s kids are having sex at the age of 11 years old. That’s where the whole 10 years old age thing came from.

I thought it was the main reason for teen pregnancy and STD’s in our generation. Most of us are not responsible and some just get down just because. Not one to really judge, but I think that most of this comes from the environment at home. Sometimes it could be something going on at home or just nothing at all. Basically what I’m saying is the child is not getting enough attention or is just kept on a tight leash. By that I’m saying to the parents is you have to trust your children and talk to your kids, because what you don’t talk to them about or just don’t listen to your kids their going to find the attention somewhere else.
Another subject that I wanted to talk about is teens drinking alcohol and drugs. Now I didn’t do a survey but I would say about majority of the people I talked to either said they do drink or smoke and some even said they do both. In my group discussion I asked if it would make any difference if you drink to have sex with somebody or is it necessary. Meaning in order for you to have sex with someone you would have to be drunk or under the influence of any type of drug. I found out that most kids do prefer to be drunk or high before having sex with someone. Some even said that it makes it better when having sex, which means it makes it feel better. It gives it a little more excitement.
Most of them don’t care to even think about the things they do before doing it and that’s why we have so many kids of our age with aids or with any STD. I really can’t say whether you can stop it from happening or not but we can do something to help prevent ourselves from getting a STD or anything. When I say us I just mean the kids in our generation, because it’s our life. However we end up in the future depends what we do in the past, so why not do something to help keep you safe. The only thing I can say, when dealing with sex just wrap it up and be safe. It’s really too much going on in the world not to be safe with your partner and yourself. Cause you never who their doing!
To all the young teens and the upcoming here is a word of advice: be smart and think before you do. It’s your life!

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