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April 22, 2010
By ayoolexxie1 BRONZE, PORT SAINT LUCIE, Florida
ayoolexxie1 BRONZE, PORT SAINT LUCIE, Florida
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A best friend is what I can call you

For being there when I feel lonely and blue

All the crazy, psychotic things we use to do

There isn't a person in this world I’d rather have, as a friend so true

All the phases we went through, just like the moon

We still remain the best of friends, but I truly miss and love you

There isn't a day that passes by,

Where I wish we still had those crazy and wild times

Sleeping over, for days at time,

It still feels like it was yesterday, where we both cried

Our memories will forever be apart of our history...

Leaving us with more space for, in-between

Putting it together, like a detective solving a, mystery...

The best part about each clue is its all unique just like, us two...

For when we get older, we will have captivated so many treasuries

Each piece of gold, will never amount to what will be told

Because were going to be too little old ladies with hair on our big toes,

The laughter, the moments, and the great times we had,

I will never regret, the wonderful gift, God has shared,

For once in my life I can say that it is you, Destiny,

Who has changed my life in a tremendous way

That, you have, taught me the real meaning of friend ship, as a best friend

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this poem was knowing what a wonderfull best friend I have. I hope that people understand what they have in there life before it's gone.

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