The Tunnel Guru

April 22, 2010
There once was a girl who could sing and dance.
But no one would listen
And so she was alone and sad.
Tears came streaming down her face.
She shouted,
“What am I to do? I have no place!”
As a tear drop fell to the ground,
It glittered gold with a translucent light.
It lit the night sky so nothing could hide.
The young girl let out a shriek of wonder and fright.
She asked,
“Who are you?”
The light said,
“I am the guru to help lost souls.
You are my child to lead through the tunnel,
Which is full of precious gems and black coal.”
“Why must I go? Why can’t I stay?”
“Do not worry child, you will be safe.
Just take my hand and we will go to a far off place.
You died a broken heart, but do not fret.
At the end of the tunnel there is a stage.
Dancers flow in unison behind you;
Your voice will sound through the Halls.”
“But,” the girl stammered,
“You do not see,
No one has ever listened to me.”
The light touched her chin gently.
“We have heard you.
You have the voice of an Angel.
If you come with me the crowds will cheer
And beg for more.
Your voice will be heard all over the world.”
The light held out its hand.
“What do you choose?”
The girl hesitated, then said,
“I have decided to go with you.”
So they flew down the tunnel
Full of sparkling jewels
And she skipped and danced
And sang with glee.
But far away, the Angels watched her.
The light came to them and said,
“She is happy.
She lives in her dreams.
There are no regrets and no pain.
The soul I have carried is alive and free!”

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